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Oral Surgery services offered in Lake Elsinore, CA

Certain conditions require surgery to correct and promote strong oral health. At Diamond Dental in Lake Elsinore, California, Dr. Pourshirazi, DMD,, and the diligent team offer the best oral surgery options in circumstances where you need them most. The experts understand that surgery is intimidating but ensure the process is safe and creates minimal discomfort. Schedule an appointment online or call the office today.

Oral Surgery Q & A

What is oral surgery?

Oral surgery is a general term referring to any surgical procedure within the mouth. Oral surgery aims to correct more severe dental conditions where noninvasive services cannot perform. Common oral surgery services include teeth removal, grafts, and corrective procedures.


Why do you need oral surgery?

Sometimes life gets the best of us, and accidents happen. The reasons for oral surgery differ from person to person. You may require oral surgery if there is a structural abnormality, severe injury, or disease impairing your health. More specifically, common reasons include:

  • Gum disease
  • Cracked teeth
  • Missing teeth
  • Tooth decay
  • Gum recession
  • Bone loss in the jaw
  • Structural corrections like jaw alignment

It’s best to support your oral health with frequent visits to the dentist and through the practice of daily oral hygiene techniques. Strong adherence to a regular routine helps circumvent the need for oral surgery or aids in the aftercare process.


How do you prepare for oral surgery?

Your specific dental expert assesses your health through comprehensive examinations before your oral surgery. Depending on the specific factors leading to your surgery, X-rays and other diagnostic information may be considered. All specific information gathered tailors an oral surgery treatment unique to you. 


What can you expect during oral surgery?

Before oral surgery, the dentist may incorporate the use of anesthesia to prevent pain and discomfort. Sedatives may also be administered for more severe oral surgery circumstances. Your specific provider will guide you through the options to ensure you feel safe and secure through every step of the procedure.


What are the risks of oral surgery?

There are minimal risks associated with oral surgery. You can expect some potential risks, including infection, numbness, injury, and dry socket. After, the post-care regimen provided by the team of expert dental associates reduces the development of these issues.


Is there downtime after oral surgery?

The recovery time after oral surgery depends on the intensity of the surgery itself. Some surgeries require little time for a full recovery, while others may take longer. The team providing post-procedure support will navigate you through the best recovery practices. This may include avoiding certain foods, prescribing medications, and using cold presses. 

If you are considering oral surgery, the professionals at the Lake Elsinore office can help book an appointment over the phone. You can also make an appointment through the secure online portal.