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Emergency Dental Care

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Emergency Dental Care services offered in Lake Elsinore, CA

Emergency dental care provides immediate attention to those with the sudden onset of severe pain, uncontrolled bleeding, and/or life-threatening concerns. Dr. Pourshirazi, DMD, and the team at Diamond Dental in Lake Elsinore, California, offer swift, quality care when time is sensitive. If you require an immediate dental visit, emergency dental care is the best plan of action. Call the experts at Diamond Dental to book an appointment or schedule through the online portal.

Emergency Dental Care Q & A

What is emergency dental care?

A patient should frequent the dentist for routine check-ups to promote strong oral hygiene every six months. Emergencies are anything but routine, and emergency dental care treats sudden and concerning developments. Emergency dental care provides swift treatment depending on the unique circumstance and symptoms.


What creates the need for emergency dental care?

Injury and sudden trauma damage your oral health and create the need for immediate attention. Common dental emergencies include:

  • Cracked teeth
  • Recently knocked-out teeth
  • Severe jaw and tooth pain
  • The sudden onset of bleeding
  • Bleeding that doesn’t stop
  • Recent cuts
  • Damage to dental devices, such as implants and bracers

You should not prolong medical assistance if you experience any of these symptoms. Your dental representative will work with you to schedule an appointment at the Lake Elsinore, California, office immediately. When emergencies occur outside operating business hours, the voicemail will provide additional instructions or call the nearest hospital. 


How soon should you seek emergency dental care?

Whether a recent dental development creates a detrimental risk to your overall health depends on the severity and nature of symptoms. It’s imperative to address symptoms quickly to prevent the development of more severe conditions. You should always contact your dental provider as soon as possible to schedule an appointment in the presence of a dental emergency. 


How does emergency dental care provide relief?

Emergency dental care offers a variety of treatment options. Your provider aims to stop any potential bleeding, pain, and discomfort for immediate relief. The experts then locate the source of the trauma and generate a treatment plan. 

Depending on the cause and severity of your condition, treatment options range from simple adjustments to more invasive measures, such as surgery. The team will walk you through every step with a sense of urgency and compassion.


What risks does emergency dental care help prevent?

If a dental emergency is left to its own devices, more serious conditions may result and negatively impact your entire health. Other problematic issues that may arise include infections, irreparable damage, and damage to other body systems. 

To better identify when you require emergency dental care, call the qualified professionals at the Lake Elsinore office or schedule an appointment through the online reservation system.