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General Dentistry in Lake Elsinore, CA

Jesse Felema

Gentle, Thoughtful, Fair- These are some ways in which Dr. Jesse Felema is often described.

Dr. Jesse is a firm believer in preventive and restorative dentistry. He works closely with all patients to create a life-long dental care plan that encourages daily attention to dental heath and promotes healthy teeth and gums for patients even well in to their 90s.

Dr. Jesse believes that he can make a difference in patients’ lives by offering the patient opportunity to be active in their treatment decision process, educating them as to how they can maintain a healthy smile for life and help patients have not only a healthy mouth but a healthy body. Dr. Jesse has great respect for his profession and spends countless hours studying, taking continuing education courses and applying the advances of dentistry. He strives for perfection in all he does. Dr Felema is married, He and his beautiful wife have 3 children who attend college!